Pragma’s assets - why we stand out on the market:

- Several decades’ worth of experience in consulting services for corporate leaders and executives
- PRAGMA Partners are experts in establishing strategies and projects to lead change
- We use a specific method based on AI: Appreciative Inquiry
- We offer great familiarity with implementation of Management Development Plans
- We use digital technology and e-learning in conjunction with managerial seminars.

PRAGMA’s teams are most often called on when companies see the need or have the desire to enhance their managers’ skills - in order to ensure that they can lead projects to implement change in their areas of work and to ensure that their work is coordinated from the right stance and with the right tools.

As explained under our “Coaching” Tab, our ambition and our know-how consist in “helping managers deal with staff members in the right way in order to rally their team members around a clear and shared vision”.

Close to the corporate playing field at all levels, PRAGMA knows how to help managers take on greater responsibilities while sharing an understanding of the position of all team members in order to support them through change.

PRAGMA consultants have a special talent: identifying the strengths of your managers and then getting them on board to foster those strengths and make them operational.

And for your technically-gifted staff, offer them a more diverse career beyond management. Benefit from the expertise within your company as a real asset by setting up a business expert management system and developing these staff members’ skills. Discover our consulting and support services offer to manage Business Experts in your company.
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