When business leaders identify a major strategic change, they call on PRAGMA to provide incentive to their teams based on a clear and shared vision. PRAGMA’s Partners know how to relate to and build a close relationship with both the top management and the staff working in the field. They advise directors with decision-making and support the whole organization, including in particular managers in order to develop their skills and enhance their responsibilities.

Our Partners are known for a special talent: identifying the main strengths of your projects, orchestrating their composition and performance and fostering involvement and commitment.


Pragma’s assets - why we stand out on the market:

- The seniority of our Partners: all of them have over 20 years of experience in consulting and providing support to corporate leaders and management teams.

- Our Partners have the ability to assist you in defining your corporate projects:
a. how to structure a vision/a “raison d’être” in everyone’s interest.
b. how to define a framework: for rules to live and work together, and to roll out top performance.

- We engineer change for you at all levels: organizational, managerial and cultural.

- Thanks to many years of experience with the Appreciative Inquiry method, our Partners customize and draw on the best-suited approach to suggest innovative applications that can lead to deep change of the prevailing culture. For example, Rituel éval© can be used to develop understanding and sharing of “rules of life”, our Management Development Plan can provide leadership to change the paradigm of why a team member failed to how he or she can succeed.

- In addition, when it comes to the methodology applied for coordination, our Partners have the experience and know-how to convey good practices and a tool for team coordination. This tool places the focus on both each person’s area of responsibility and opens the door to a cross-cutting and encompassing approach.

Discover our unique offers in Professional Coaching where clarity of vision can turn ideas into action:
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