Conducting an internal survey of staff members is a well-known method to measure “commitment”, “job satisfaction”, “well-being at the workplace”, “quality of life at work” or as a way to “prevent psychosocial risks”.

But internal surveys can do so much more: they offer a powerful tool to understanding the mindset of your teams when they are facing change. Are staff members impatient, worried, reticent? Where do they stand in terms of adapting to new job responsibilities? How do they position themselves within groups, committees and teams?

In this case, internal surveys can provide full and objective contents to define a strategy to lead change: how can you involve and team up with staff members facing change? Using an opinion survey approach is already a first step in finding out.


Internal surveys: what can they do for you?


“Flash survey”: I need a snapshot of the situation

“My managers keep telling me that everything’s fine and the trade unions that everything’s wrong. I want to know what’s really going on...”
“I’d like to know what my staff thinks about things that matter to them on a daily basis.”
“Are there divisions or services falling behind with the changes in progress?”

“In-depth survey”: I want to know and understand

“What resources can I tap to make all of us perform better?”
“How can we better exploit our strengths?”
“I want a comprehensive understanding and then an understanding division by division.”

“Strategic survey”: I want to predict, simulate and anticipate

“Which components of our corporate life contribute the most to customer satisfaction?
To better performance?”
“I want to identify the DNA of my company’s performance, our corporate culture...”
“What strategy for change should we establish?”


What are the benefits?

By turning an internal survey into a measurement and communications tool, PRAGMA creates measurable and sustainable value for your organization, far beyond a simple evaluation.

Regardless of the terminology used and the intended objectives, rolling out an internal survey provides corporate leaders with peace of mind when making decisions.

Using the results of internal surveys to communicate with staff members is already a start at change. Discover our offers to create value: exploiting the results.
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