With 45 years’ worth of experience in processing and analyzing statistical and managerial data on how people feel about employment, their jobs and their working environment, PRAGMA guides the exploitation of the wealth of results that can be generated through internal surveys. What staff members have to say about their jobs, their company and the company’s projects can be used for several different purposes:


The media used by PRAGMA for data reporting and analysis will provide a dynamic vision of your company and the various entities it comprises. Leaders and managers can gain an understanding of the main strengths that can be relied on and the areas where attention must be paid, directly in connection with the stakes and context the company is dealing with at the time.

Assessment and recommendations

Through exchanges between PRAGMA, the company’s managers and staff members, action plans already scheduled can be adjusted and, if necessary, new action plans - concrete and relevant - can be added. This type of work is particularly effective at the level of management committees, but can also be customized and useful for each operating entity within the company.

Internal communication / mobilisation

Providing a forum for exchange among staff members on the results of surveys and studies is a highpoint leading to mobilization. Exploring the results of one or several important topics is part of PRAGMA’s on-going improvement approach that we can help you structure and implement.


The 4 key steps in exploiting results

1) Thank & Inform: Value involvement and put things into perspective.

2) Share: Make it possible for each staff member to understand the features of their working environment.

3) Explore: Fine-tune understanding of certain points by calling on relevant staff members.

4) Take action: Set up concrete action plans and coordinate them in project mode.

In addition to providing an assessment of the current situation, the exploitation of results will make it possible to implement overarching action plans and focus more specifically on progress initiatives.


Exploitation of internal survey results: reap the benefits

PRAGMA trains managers / HR teams in how to analyze the survey results and shares several different methods to make presentations and lead discussion to create a measurable and sustainable dynamic.

PRAGMA’s independence and experience (with several hundreds of different entities who have used these analyses to roll out very concrete action plans) puts us in a unique position to provide advice relevant to the company, the managers and staff members.

PRAGMA is there to support your in-house teams to materialize what staff members have to say via internal and external communications media.

We support corporate leaders to formalize structural projects and implement their strategies to lead change. Discover our unique offers in Management consulting and advisory services, together with customized support to coordinate performance.
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