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Patrick PAPAS



At the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Patrick holds the positions of Director of the IFACE Corporate Advisory Department and Regulator of Curricula for the international launch of the EAP European Business School. He is a tenured Professor of management, organization and International development at the Centre de Recherche des Chefs d'Entreprise in Jouy en Josas, as well as a Founding Partner, Managing Director and Deputy Director of consulting firms in corporate management and organization, among other positions.

As can be seen, Patrick’s background includes a depth and breadth of diverse experience which has allowed him to hone his skills and made it possible for him to now provide consulting services both in the field of management and human resources. He has 40 years’ worth of professional experience in assisting top executives with organization and management, designing corporate projects and optimizing working methods for management teams.

It was through many years of conducting internal opinion surveys, labor barometers and the like for executive officers of major groups that has allowed Patrick to develop relevant summary indicators which are immediately understandable and easy to track over time. He is credited for creation of the indicators visiostaff®, visiostress®, visiochange®, and visiomotiv® which are still used today by PRAGMA and praised by our customers.

Patrick holds a decree from the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce of Paris, a post-graduate degree in Management-Educational Sciences and a PhD in Social Psychiatry.

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