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Before joining PRAGMA as a Partner and directing our services to enhance management performance in public and private sector organizations, Benoit worked as a management consultant for 10 years at CEGOS where he managed their business with the public sector.

30 years of experience in management consulting have led Benoit to develop and roll out management tools and practices to enhance performance (see for example, his “Management Wheel”). He has been particularly involved in the implementation of recent French legislation governing public finance (Loi Organique relative aux Lois de Finances) and reorganization projects for local authorities. He also provides support to French Ministries with management control systems as a trainer at the Public Management and Economic Development Institute (IGPDE).

The origin of the methods Benoit has developed can be found in his active military engagement, as he has made an on-going commitment to put people at the center of organizational performance. At the same time, his strong desire to contribute to a better understanding of the overall dynamics of organizations (with the aim to strengthen dialogue between both sides of industry and fine-tune managerial practices within institutions and companies) has led him to get involved both in designing internal opinion surveys and sociological research, as well as project and reorganization support.

With a degree in agricultural engineering from ENSAR Rennes (renamed Agrocampus Ouest), Benoit also holds a degree from the IAE Business and Administration School in Paris and a post-graduate degree in business administration. Benoit has received certification as an Appreciative Inquiry and Clean Language Coach from IFAI / Case Western Reserve University.


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