A spinoff of Peugeot SA:
PRAGMA was the very first firm to measure job satisfaction in France.
Beginning of mapping of employee commitment
Assessments of managerial practices
Identification of factors to motivate involvement in change initiatives
Support to design action plans
Analysis of “work preferences”
Development of consulting activities to identify and use the resources within an organization (capitalizing on success method)
PRAGMA launches coaching services and we further enhance our full-fledged offer of support.
With a new graphic charter and new tools, new prospects await us.


In her book “Prelude towards a declaration of duties towards mankind”, Simone Weil discussed the question of the man-machine relationship back in 1943. In her words: “There is a certain relation to time which suits inert matter and another sort of relation which suits thinking beings. It is a mistake to confuse the two.”

Seventy-five years later and at the dawn of yet another industrial revolution, our relation to time is still a current issue. Simone Weil raised the issue of how speed is driven by the automation of production and its impact on the role people play in the company. In the digital age, and paradoxically in the social awareness age, this issue has taken on new proportions.

The fact is that relations between people and the company they work for have changed profoundly in the last few years. After challenging the role of the Church, and then the role of the State, the role of the Company has come next. With more technological resources than ever before, people are also searching for direction in life more than ever before.

Taking a snapshot of people at work is now a lot more complex than it may seem. To get as close to the truth as possible, this basic situation must be analyzed in terms of a company’s particular situation, business, history and territory.

This delicate balance between an analysis of the local labor climate and a more global view is right where the added value of PRAGMA and our teams can be so useful. No organization can rely solely on financial objectives to ensure business development. Being aware of the company’s human strengths and gaining a full understanding of the system you work with gives you a much greater chance of success, sustainability and thus contributes to the common good.

Welcome to PRAGMA!

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