A spinoff of Peugeot SA:
PRAGMA was the very first firm to measure job satisfaction in France.
Beginning of mapping of employee commitment
Assessments of managerial practices
Identification of factors to motivate involvement in change initiatives
Support to design action plans
Analysis of “work preferences”
Development of consulting activities to identify and use the resources within an organization (capitalizing on success method)
PRAGMA launches coaching services and we further enhance our full-fledged offer of support.
With a new graphic charter and new tools, new prospects await us.


PRAGMA assists corporate leaders to formalize their flagship structural projects and to implement strategies for change.

PRAGMA’s teams are generally called on when corporate leaders identify a major strategic change in order to help them communicate effectively with staff and get their people and teams to rally around a clear and shared vision for the company. Close to the playing field, PRAGMA knows how to help managers make progress with their responsibilities and at the same time understands the position of team members to provide them with the support they need during change.

PRAGMA consultants offer you our special talent: assistance to identify the strong points of your business transformation projects, orchestrate them and roll them out on the operational level - getting all staff members on board.


PRAGMA’s teams coach executive managers when they face major challenges - when they first join the company, at turning points in their own development, that of their teams or when they encounter difficulties or tension in the field when implementing change. Focusing closely on managers and their staff members, stressing the need to specifically identify drivers for development within the company, PRAGMA’s coaching methods provide customized and operational-ready support, so that the energy and clarity of your vision goes from idea to action.

PRAGMA’s customers recognize and appreciate the empathy, availability and capacity to challenge and support demonstrated by our coaches. Our team members demonstrate their care, finesse and highly demanding approach when it comes to providing feedback on the options to take action in accordance with the overall objectives set by the company.

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