Measuring opinions in-house

Our Baso Offer

“My managers keep telling me that everything’s fine and the trade unions that everything’s wrong. I want to know what’s really going on...”
“I’d like to know what my staff thinks about things that matter to them on a daily basis.”
“Where do my teams stand?”
“What is the viewpoint of my staff members?”

Our Visio Offer

“What resources can I tap to make all of us perform better?”
“How can we better exploit our strengths?”
“How can we deal with our greatest vulnerabilities?”
“I want to understand the overall situation and then understand what’s going on division by division.”

Our Modelo Offer

“Which components of our corporate life contribute the most to customer satisfaction?”
“I want to identify the DNA of my company’s performance, our corporate culture...”
“What strategy should we take?”
“Can you help me exploit my existing survey results?”

3 types of internal opinion surveys
Our Baso Offer

I want a snapshot.

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Our Visio Offer

I want to know and understand.

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Our Modelo Offer

I want to predict, simulate, anticipate...

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Exploiting results

Step 1: Thank and Inform

Value staff and put things in perspective.

Step 2: Share

Make it possible for each staff member to understand
the features of their working environment.

Step 3: Explore

Fine-tune understanding of certain points
by engaging in discussion with relevant staff.

Step 4: Take action

Establish concrete action plans
and lead them in project mode.

In addition to understanding the situation, implement comprehensive action plans and specific plans for progress with a more focused approach.

• Spearhead Working Groups of volunteers to recommend solutions to meet the challenges:
- Identify where the challenges lie / Focus on the issues
- Determine the strengths and resources on which you can rely / Assess the “weaknesses”
- Recommend solutions based on the cost/effectiveness ratio.

• Formalize Action Plans:
- Strategic (EXCOM level)
- Division (Managerial level)
- Specific

• Implement in project mode after arbitrating

Consulting & coaching

Pragma supports companies on three levels
At the collective level to pool intelligence:

• Rally your teams to work on corporate strategy (company project, appraisal-based organizational coaching, designing company vision based on the organization’s strengths, etc.)
• Team coaching (transforming cooperation and interaction methods, among other approaches)
• Focus Groups (study the results of internal opinion surveys in greater depth to fine-tune action plans, work on specific topics and more)
• Advice and supervision when your projects have already been launched and you need to take a step back, “reconsider” directions taken and better steer the initial course of action.

At the level of your managerial community

• MDP (Managerial Development Plan, rituals, meetings, team reviews, etc.)
• Theme-based workshops and coproduction
• Training paths

At the individual level

• Individual coaching for your executive staff and managers of managers.

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